What I do Well

Writing fiction is something that I love very much.  And if I were to never do Writting that would  terrible. Because if I were to not have wi-if I would not be able to write on my phone or computer. When I have good ideas I my head I need to write then somewhere and they will be.  So if I were to every have to stop writing that would not be good. If I had to stop doing writing I would be so terribly sad.

So when Tao has to stop panting because he is not a chooses one. That makes him want to keep panting because when he had all of the great painting ideas in his head he needs to draw them somewhere. Since  Tao is so talented and he just wants to draw everytime he has a great idea and he has nowhere to draw so he had to draw in the caves. it when Tao is not falling the rules and he his almost getting out of the clan. But when you really love doing something you might have to put somethings that you might lose or be kicked out of.

So if I were to lose Writting I would probplay need to find a new hobby. But all I would do is think about Writting. So if I where Tao I would have to stop painting that would be terrible. And Tao would have to find a new hobby to but he probplay would always think about painting. And losing something in your life would be a huge Turing point.

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