Writing. When I write I have so many ideas come to mind. A lot of those ideas just come to mind and sometimes I don’t have anything to write my ideas about because I wasn’t writing anything at that time. When I write I could write forever.
Right now I’m working on a chapter book in one of my favorite websites is called StoryBird.
When i write my books they are mostly very detailed with fun and scary facts. It depends on what I’m writing about. Most of the time I like to write about scary and mysteries. When I don’t want to write scary things instead i would rather write about happy things that could happen or i just make up. But mostly i like to write scary because i feel like you get more emotion out of scary and mysterious. People want to know what is going to happen next in the book but sometimes there could be cliffhangers. And that gets people wanting to know what’s going to happen next.
When i write stories it helps me calm down because I of the ideas coming and going. It helps me calm down because most of the time when i write i zone out and fell like i am working and nobody is there. And i also like working when there is nobody there to.

When writing things just pop into my head and that’s really good but also really bad at the same time. Things just come and go when I write. When writing and having a lot. Of those ideas popping thought out my head in and out is awesome because when we are writing i can just write them down and not have to worry about thosing those ideas. But also when I’m not writing the ideas just go to waste because i cant write them down because I’m doing something else at that timer. but writing is fun because you can write about anything that you want whenever you want to when you are by yourself. Also when you write you don’t have to be making a story or a book you coy U.K. do jsurt be writing down ideas that you had. When writing you don’t have to share it with anybody because its yours and you could just keep it to yourself and nobody has to know about it. And that’s why i love writing so much.