Why we celebrate mayday:

Dancing around the with ribbons and making a pattern around the pole by dancing. And that repents how kids show their way of becoming an pre-teen. And when they are dancing around the poll making a pattern as they are becoming a pre- teen it is an elegant way for kids to become a pre-teen.

History of mayday:

When Germans used to dance around trees they would perform dances during the mid summer celebrations.

What is a maypole:

A maypole is a tall tree that people dance around when they are becoming pre teens. The pool is a tall skinny wooden tree. And they had put ribbons on it for the kids to dance. And they made sure that the tree was very sturdy in the ground.


Drawing is a very fun and creative activity that a lot of kids and adults like to do. When people are drawing what they can because they can be as creative as they want. And when people draw they all have their own style of drawing. People like to draw happy things and they like to draw dark and mysterious things. But as long as they like to draw those things and they know how to draw them and it makes them happy with how it looks. But as long as the people who are drawing their drawing is happy without that means that it’s fine.

When people are drawing they will need their supplies. And the most important things that they will need for their drawings are paper and something to draw with. And you can use whatever you want to draw with, you can use paint, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and you could even use markers. When you are drawing you can draw on anything that you want, you can draw on paper, you can draw on the ground with chalk, and you could even color on something electronic.

When you draw you are like your own person because of how your drawing is. Because of when you draw it would be like a part of you. And what is on your paper is part of you like I said before and it is a part of you because of how you are drawing it and what colors you are using and what you draw. But that is what you like to draw and nobody other than you can say anything about that because your picture is a part of you and a part of what you love to draw and what colors you use. So when you are drawing just be as creative as you want and don’t let anybody judge you.


Writing. When I write I have so many ideas come to mind. A lot of those ideas just come to mind and sometimes I don’t have anything to write my ideas about because I wasn’t writing anything at that time. When I write I could write forever.
Right now I’m working on a chapter book in one of my favorite websites is called StoryBird.
When i write my books they are mostly very detailed with fun and scary facts. It depends on what I’m writing about. Most of the time I like to write about scary and mysteries. When I don’t want to write scary things instead i would rather write about happy things that could happen or i just make up. But mostly i like to write scary because i feel like you get more emotion out of scary and mysterious. People want to know what is going to happen next in the book but sometimes there could be cliffhangers. And that gets people wanting to know what’s going to happen next.
When i write stories it helps me calm down because I of the ideas coming and going. It helps me calm down because most of the time when i write i zone out and fell like i am working and nobody is there. And i also like working when there is nobody there to.

When writing things just pop into my head and that’s really good but also really bad at the same time. Things just come and go when I write. When writing and having a lot. Of those ideas popping thought out my head in and out is awesome because when we are writing i can just write them down and not have to worry about thosing those ideas. But also when I’m not writing the ideas just go to waste because i cant write them down because I’m doing something else at that timer. but writing is fun because you can write about anything that you want whenever you want to when you are by yourself. Also when you write you don’t have to be making a story or a book you coy U.K. do jsurt be writing down ideas that you had. When writing you don’t have to share it with anybody because its yours and you could just keep it to yourself and nobody has to know about it. And that’s why i love writing so much.

Butterfly Project

I’m in loving memory of Yerakhmiel Berilovitz.

The most intersting thing that I learned was that today was about all of the things that happened to those people and not eating, dying, and learning how these people had to leave. And I also loved painting the butterfly because it means that we can be free and do what we want. And I always want to be an upstander not a by stander because I want to help people.

New Beginnings

”  Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 day book Write a good one.”

-Brad Paisley

This means a lot to me bacuse everyday I want to do something new. And 365 days of the years is my book.  I need to write my book the best I can and I don’t want anything to make my book sound bad, Every day I will try to do exciting and try new things. My time I spend should be used wisely with school and my family. And on my new book that I will be making every year should get better and better. And I got my information on

What I do Well

Writing fiction is something that I love very much.  And if I were to never do Writting that would  terrible. Because if I were to not have wi-if I would not be able to write on my phone or computer. When I have good ideas I my head I need to write then somewhere and they will be.  So if I were to every have to stop writing that would not be good. If I had to stop doing writing I would be so terribly sad.

So when Tao has to stop panting because he is not a chooses one. That makes him want to keep panting because when he had all of the great painting ideas in his head he needs to draw them somewhere. Since  Tao is so talented and he just wants to draw everytime he has a great idea and he has nowhere to draw so he had to draw in the caves. it when Tao is not falling the rules and he his almost getting out of the clan. But when you really love doing something you might have to put somethings that you might lose or be kicked out of.

So if I were to lose Writting I would probplay need to find a new hobby. But all I would do is think about Writting. So if I where Tao I would have to stop painting that would be terrible. And Tao would have to find a new hobby to but he probplay would always think about painting. And losing something in your life would be a huge Turing point.

Don’t Eat The Marshmallow

When you read the title it exsplains a lot. So when you think of the title you think don’t eat the marshmallows.  Many people think like if I see a marshmallow I want to eat it. So poeople tested kids to see if thy would 4 year old kids would eat the marshmallow or they won’t eat the marshmallow.

So this guy named Ted he was talking about how the 4 year old kids would eat the marshmallow or they won’t. So when he tested the kids each kid had 15 minutes to see if they would eat it or if they were not. He said that 2/3 of the kids ate the marshmallow and the other part didn’t. Some of the kids where thinking if they would eat it or if they wouldn’t eat it. The kids where putting it up and down up and down .

He said that most of the kids that ate the marshmallow would not do great when they are older. And also that the kids didn’t eat the marshmallow they will do great in life. He also said that the kids that didn’t eat the marshmallow would have great relationships with people, teachers and many more. He also wanted to see if the Mexican kids would ack the same as American kids would. The kids looked liked it was really hard for them.
He wanted to know if the kids we very intelligent at age 4. Looked like it was hard for the kids because one of the girls just ate the inside if the marshmallow and made it look like she didn’t eat the marshmallow. Knowing how smart some of those kids where at there age is really great.